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This will give you a confidential one-to-one setting - a safe space for you to talk. Our coaches will come alongside and help you with whatever challenges you may be facing.


Whether strategic challenges, people challenges or personal challenges to your own resilience, we'll be there as a trusted companion on your leadership journey.

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Leadership hubs & support groups

The leadership journey can often be a lonely one. Leadership Hubs offer a confidential and safe space outside of your church context where you can give and receive support and challenge from your peers in other churches on the live challenges you each face.

We also offer 'Zoom Room' - a women ministers' online monthly support group.

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leadership team development

We will work with your team to help you ensure they are reaping the benefits of working as a team and leading the church well - together.


Your programme will be tailored to the priority needs of your team and can cover anything from team dynamics, improving team processes, making the most of team roles and sharpening your focus as a team.

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Whatever your leadership need, whether it be developing your vision as a church, developing a discipleship  or community engagement strategy, we will work with you to chart a way forward, drawing from a variety of sources as needed.


enabled leaders' programme

Join with church leaders from other contexts to learn effective leadership together and develop networks of support over a period of nine months.


It will give you a comprehensive grounding in personal, relational and strategic leadership.

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If you prefer a programme tailored to your context and have a group of leaders you would like to attend, this may be the solution for you.


We will work with you to identify the needs of your church leaders and then develop a programme specific to your church's needs.

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