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“I have known Adrian and Laura since 2006 and have always been impressed by their godliness, commitment and wisdom, allied with vast experience gained through leading themselves in a number of settings. I have seen Adrian train in group settings, have experienced his own highly effective training and one to one mentoring personally, as well as benefitting greatly from sessions led jointly by Laura and Adrian.


If you are a church leader looking to sharpen your leadership skills, grow in godliness, or simply minister more effectively, then they could provide you with substantial help.


Too often leaders try to struggle through a range of issues on their own. This is a tragedy especially when such when a wealth of wisdom and support is available. If you need such wisdom and support, you are looking in the right place.” 


Rev Dr Peter Morden, Author and Principal, Bristol Baptist College.

Hubs feedback
feedback on leadership hubs...

“If you are offered the chance to participate in the EL Leader’s Hub, do not hesitate…do it! You will be busy…you will wonder if you have the time…but this is such a “life-giving” time each and every month…an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and others, to benefit from Adrian and Laura’s wisdom, experience, professionalism and pastoral concern and the chance to further nurture intimate bonds with fellow ministers in training/friends for the journey ahead. The EL Hub is the one meeting I really look forward to and the one that I both enjoy and come away enriched from, every single time!” 

Rev Simon Bramwell, Minister New Malden Baptist Church 

"Being part of the leadership hub group this year has been a key part of my development as a new minister . The group has challenged me to think deeply about my leadership experience as well as offered support and encouragement.  I would whole heartedly encourage others to join in with this wonderful leadership learning opportunity".   


Rev Louise Gilbertson, Seer Green Baptist Church, Beaconsfield

"It has been an absolute privilege being in the Enabled Leader's Hub this past year. The small size of the group has really helped us to develop trust and confidence that, through each, other, the Lord will bring tailored challenge, encouragement, restoration and healing.  Laura and Adrian bring wise facilitation and prayerful, loving counsel, sensitively brought and oodles of experience of church leadership! 


Enabling is a really important word which allows so much to emerge from our reflections on our context on how to incorporate our existing leadership styles/ skills in Godly ways as new ministers of the gospel. There are other input sessions on areas which the group agree to be important to them - here we devoted time and energy working through issues: such as 'developing a vision', 'Flexible coaching' or 'Admonishing', all contextualised through discussion. Other sessions focus on pastoral and personal matters are discussed in a non-threatening supportive way, with space allowed for you to simply talk about the situations which you choose to bring from your ministry. 


It has probably been the best most helpful thing I have done this year, although at times it has been personally challenging, I feel more confident and aware of God's calling on my life and want to continue to honour and encourage the calling and demands of ministry in those in my group. Brilliant!"


Rev Kate Young, Pastor, Orchard Baptist Church, Colchester 

"Thank you Adrian and Laura for investing in us and blessing us with your wisdom as we navigate our journey in ministry through the pace of grace. You have walked alongside us supporting,  encouraging and also challenging us to grow in our leadership. This year has taken us on a journey focusing on a longer lasting perspective approach rather than a quick fix which has meant we have been more attentive to doing the work that God has actually given us to do in a 'filtered, framed and focussed way'. 'A year of leadership investment".


Rev Charmaine Mhlanga, Minister, Sundon Park Baptist Church, Luton 

"Enabled Leaders/Leadership Hub/Laura and Adrian have had a huge impact on my ministry and leadership skills. I have been challenged and changed to become a far better listener and minister who can now better enable others to find solutions to things rather than me attempting to provide the answers. This is benefiting all involved. The leadership elements of the training have enabled me to function better at the different aspects of leadership, particularly helping me to remain for longer periods in strategic thinking and action. I couldn’t recommend them/enabled leaders/leadership hub enough. It should be a must for all Ministers in training.  

I just want to thank you both so so much for the large impact that you have had on my time already as a leader and minister and I am enjoy guiding our leadership team into working at a more strategic level which is really helpful - so thank you". 


James Frampton, Senior Minister at Preston Baptist Church, Paignton, Devon 

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