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Our Vision...

We want to transform the development and support available to church leaders, throughout their leadership journey, working with others who share this vision, initially in the UK and then wherever God leads.

We want to help the church develop:

1.Spirit-led, visionary, goal-focused leaders

Church leaders that can:

  • lead strategically in a Spirit-inspired way

  • develop a clearly-articulated and shared vision

  • define focussed, measurable goals

  • measure progress towards their goals

  • maintain momentum towards their vision

2.skilled leaders and people managers

Church leaders that can:

  • Identify and mobilise the gifts and callings of staff and volunteers

  • Implement user-friendly people management systems

  • Improve performance when it drops below an acceptable standard

  • Lead teams well, making the most of team members’ complementary strengths

3.leaders as disciple-makers

Church leaders that can:

  • Mobilise their churches to share faith, hope and love and meet the needs of their local communities

  • Enable and equip people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus

  • Facilitate spiritual growth for people at all levels of spiritual maturity

4.god-centred, resilient leaders

Church leaders that can:

  • Stay centred on God

  • Grow through adversity

  • Manage conflict

  • Maintain momentum towards their goals

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